RedBeat Ventures embodies AirAsia’s passion for open innovation and entrepreneurship, where it complements AirAsia’s vision towards becoming a global travel tech company. We invest in non-airline technology sectors, with us overseeing all of AirAsia’s digital lifestyle brands, from travel & lifestyle to logistics, fintech, marketplace and connectivity (BigPay, Teleport, BIGLIFE, etc). Our mission is to grow these brands leveraging digital innovations to create a seamless lifestyle experience for our guests, from travelling to dining, shopping, entertainment, culture, art, connectivity and logistics.

We also believe ideas should not come only internally but externally from business partners, crowdsourcing, start-ups, etc. This, along with our understanding of what it means to be a start-up, has spurred us to meet founders with grit, determination and passion to dream the impossible. We seek ideas and investment opportunities in disruptive technology start-ups, to create innovation that will benefit the broader society. By partnering with us, you could scale up leveraging on our assets that we have built since 2001, including a brand that is a household name not only in Asean but globally, and a team with a track record of starting up and making a success of an idea that many had thought impossible.

We love to hear your ideas and how we can help you to scale up here.